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sale Glass Pipes (Small)

Assorted glass pipes with various trippy and colourful designs. About 3-4” long.

add to cart $10/Each
Glass Pipes (Large)

Assorted glass pipes with various colours and trippy designs. About 5” long. 

add to cart $15/Each
sale Designed Glass pipes

A variety of thick and trippy glass pipes. 

add to cart $20/Orange swirl
Monster standing pipe

standing at 7inches tall, this glass pipe will be sure to be a conversation starter. 

add to cart $30/Each
Dragon pipe

these 7inch long glass dragons will make you feel like one as you smoke. The perfect collection piece. 

add to cart $20/Each
Monster twist pipe

get spooky while you smoke. About 6” long. Thick glass. 

add to cart $20/Each
Octopus pipes

About 5” long, thick glass. 

add to cart $20/Orange tentacle
Claw pipes

about 5” long, thick glass. 

add to cart $20/Red claw
sale Glass one-hitter

8cmm long, thick glass. Perfect for on-the-go smoking. 

add to cart $5/Each
sale Dugout one-hitter

These dug-outs contain 2 holes, one for storing herb and one for storing the metal one hitter piece that’s

add to cart $5/Light wood colour
sale Metal pipe with screens

These metal pipes are perfect for on-the-go smoking. Unbreakable, easy to clean, and includes 5 changeable

add to cart $5/Each
sale Credit card pipe

These metal pipes are designed to be the size and shape of a credit card, making storage and travel easy. Get high

add to cart $5/Each

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